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  1. Betty Poeschel says:

    Hey, Ralph, Betty Poeschel (Betty’s Record Den) here. Did you ever drive a van that had the windshield wipers turned out so the they squirted out ward???

  2. Ralph Daniels says:

    Which posting was it you talked about Hale Apts? (I lost track)

    • Jana Ariane says:

      Ralph, just look at Jeanne’s stories to the left of the page — all 12 of hers are listed under her name. I think it is the one called “Living in Igloos” towards the bottom of all her posts.

      • Ralph Daniels says:

        Thanks Jana, that sounds like the link, but I dont see it anywhere on the left. Have just rcvd an email from her and will try to catch up for the last 50 or so years.

        • Jana Ariane says:

          Ralph, just scroll down on the left of the Home Page until you find Jeanne’s name as an author. Click on that. It will bring up a page with all her stories. Her story will be a long way down as it was posted about a year ago. Just keep scrolling down until you see it. 🙂 Thanks for joining us!

          • Ralph Daniels says:

            Thanks Jana,
            I just didnt scroll down far enough and I didnt see the topic (Living In Igloos) posted on the left.
            Thanks again, heres hoping we can renew some OLD friendships after all these years. Aint the internet wonderful!!!!

  3. Ralph Daniels says:

    Hi Jeanne, I think I’m the Ralph you’ve been talkin about. I too lived at the Hale apts till the fire. My Dad, Bob, later told me the story how we got kicked out of our home. We then moved to 636 E St for a few years. I’m happy I found this site, maybe we can talk more. I was chief eng at KFQD following the quake. I worked with Denny O’Day and at the Anchorage High School. I graduated in ’57 with my class, but was set back a semester because of the Bob Hope Christmas Show (National televised from AHS). Danny Caulfield and I were excused from classes for a week to support the Hope Show, but one of my teachers wouldn’t honor the principal’s request, so I had to “make up” my finals before officially graduating.
    Let’s talk more. I am retired from the Federal Gov’t where I worked with AFRTS-Washington as a broadcast engineer for 16 years.
    Am now retired and living in Florida (Central, Leesburg). We’ve been here now for 9 years after living in Northern Va. for 34 years.
    I left my job at the West High (as an electrician), managing the Auditorium from 1958-1967. I left for a vacation to Washington DC, but never returned.
    Keep in touch, lets talk some more.
    Ralph Daniels

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